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What’s Working – Mar 1



  1. I took and processed an order.  I did all the paperwork and submitted an order today.
  2. I answered all my emails about products.
  3. I edited the letter to the vendor and sent it back to the writer.
  4. I worked through some of the credit card processing pieces.
  5. I organized work for the next few weeks and sent out meeting notes.


  1. I cleaned my room and shook out the rug.
  2. I washed my sheets.
  3. I watered all my plants.
  4. I hung up my vision board.
  5. I put away all the dishes.


  1. I listened to my body when I didn’t want to work out this morning.
  2. I slept well and drank water when I woke up.
  3. I decided to skip the cafe last night he said.
  4. I went on a nice walk this morning and practiced walking with joy.
  5. I allowed myself to take time yesterday to focus on non-work items.


  1. I cooked a great dinner that my housemates enjoyed.
  2. I coordinated Chris and Denny for a project.
  3. I made sure Mary got credit for us taking the class today.
  4. I learned people’s names at class yesterday.
  5. I set up a time to work with S.

Goals – What I am looking forward to.

  1. Finishing this letter and getting it sent out.
  2. Doing monthly accounting – breaking the records!
  3. Driving to Sepastopol
  4. Finishing my categories.
  5. Sleeping in my snuvvy bed.

What’s Working – Feb 28


Today I start a new habit – the habit of starting my day with what’s working in my life.


  1. I’ve called back all the leads from the weekend and at least left voice mails.
  2. All my tracking documents are up to date
  3. I decided to delegate re-writing a letter to a vendor to my copywriter – looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.
  4. I have an appointment to talk to amazon about marketing with them.
  5. I got three calls this weekend.


  1. I’ve started laundry and my space is generally pretty clean.
  2. I have everything I need to cook dinner tonite.
  3. The sun is shining and I’m enjoying it.
  4. I bought a new plant and it is looking good in it’s spot.
  5. It’s warmer and so I am not running the heater.


  1. I’m taking stressful tasks (like writing the letter) and finding others to do them who will find them less stressful.
  2. I’m doing laundry.
  3. I requested a place to eat last night – and got it generic levitra canada.
  4. I’m drinking lots of water.
  5. I elected to sleep in a bit this morning because I was feeling a bit tired.


  1. I successfully cajoled W. out of a bad mood at dinner yesterday.
  2. I allowed myself to feel good about being more demonstrative than others.
  3. I connected with other people in my class at lunch yesterday.
  4. I asked for help when I was lost doing the exercise.
  5. I trusted others and walked away from work that I wasn’t qualified to do.

Goals – What I am looking forward to.

  1. Eating awesome Indian food tonite.
  2. Dancing.
  3. Completing the Category pages for the site.
  4. Posting my Anniversary Collection videos
  5. Making my bed with clean sheets and having good sleep in my bed.

What’s Working – Feb. 24, 2010


Today I start a new habit – the habit of starting my day with what’s working in my life.


  1. Our SEO vendor is checking our SEO to see how we can rank higher for our primary keywords – I asked him to help and he’s doing it.
  2. I’m getting about one call a day on our products – my SEO efforts are working.
  3. Looks like we’ve hit our baseline sales numbers this month – I’ve sold products.
  4. My newsletter client seems happy with my work.
  5. I’m getting projects done on the site – products are being updated and text is being added.


  1. We have candied ginger and I’m loving it.
  2. My room is warm and reasonably neat and I cleaned it.
  3. My bed is amazingly comfortable, warm and snuvvy and I bought it.
  4. My trees both look happy and my plants are green.  Everyone is putting out new leaves.
  5. I have heat and my room is getting warmer every moment.


  1. I’m noticing a new sort of calmness within – a quietness that seems new.
  2. I’m working out and dancing every day, and focusing on the muscles that feel good viagra uk online.
  3. I’m enjoying my collages – especially the one of Nekker Island.
  4. I’m noticing how I can think more positively.
  5. I’m listening to myself and giving myself space and care.


  1. My household is quiet and stable and everyone seems to be getting along.
  2. I went and saw a movie with Paul last weekend.
  3. I’m planning a game night for Sunday where I’ll get to see new friends.
  4. I am enjoying my boyfriend enjoying my touch.
  5. I am speaking my truth more and it is bringing us closer.

Goals – What I am looking forward to.

  1. Having my legal document written and ready to send to the lawyer.
  2. Improv practice.
  3. Taking a long hot shower.
  4. Doing my accounting tomorrow.
  5. Dancing.

What If You Could Be 17 Again?


Just finished watching a “going back in time and doing it all over again” movie – 17 Again.

Afterward, Nessa, Mark and I chatted about whether we think we could enjoy going back to high school if we bring everything we’ve learned since then.  We all agreed that even with our experience, we would still loathe it.

It got me thinking – what have I learned since high school?  What skills could I bring back to make it better?  I came up with the following:

  • I’ve learn to dance as if no one is watching me
  • I’ve learned to do things, like go surfing – stepping out into the world download adobe cc master collection 2015
  • I’ve learned how to study, and write better than I did then

But being in high school, and even college, is all about relationships – friendships, love, romance, laughter and fun.

In those areas I’m not sure I’ve made much progress since I was in high school.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that while my NLP skills would make me fit in better, on the inside, I’d be depressingly similar – solitary, guarded, distant.  At least now I’m a lot happier about it.

I came home this evening to find out that a really nice guy, one who I was casually interested in had died unexpectedly.

Made me think that it’s never too early, or too late to learn those skills, to become more connected, have more fun, be more outgoing – so that if I did drop 20 years, I’d have a blast.

On Worshiping Cats


The neighborhood cat – Burrito – is teaching me how to be worshiped.  I learn this critical skill slowly and she give me many opportunities to practice.

Here’s the scoop.

Often in the evenings, when I’m busily working on my archery supply store, Burrito will leap onto the bed and demand access to my lap.

I automatically remove my laptop from my lap (she has me well trained), whereupon she ambles onto my lap and settles in for some worshiping.  Namely me worshiping her.

I’ve started to wonder why I do it.  What is the allure of this transaction?  I am not generally easy to interrupt, except perhaps for fine wine and dark chocolate.  Ask my friends, that’s uncharacteristic behavior.

After meditating upon it for several days, I’ve realized that what I get out of it is the enjoyment of her enjoyment.  Burrito very clearly and obviously loves these orgiastic petting settings,  she adores it, she convinces me that my petting is the most wonderful thing that has happened to her in a lifetime of wonderful things.

What do I get out of it?  I get clear validation that I have value.  I can make a cat amazingly happy.

So I start to consider the players, the worshiper and the worshipee – and the role of each and the precarious balance of pleasure.

I consider the key elements of both roles

My responsibilities as the worshiper – to worship in the way that provides the most pleasure to the worshipee (Burrito in this case) – to focus only on how to pet her to provide maximal pleasure.  To listen and watch her none-to-subtle cues and learn the art of worshiping her.

And each cat is different.  I tried to worship Pagan (my friend Mel’s cat) the way I worship Burrito and got a row of scratches for my efforts.

The responsibilities Burrito as the Worshipee – to accept worship that is clearly her due with abandon.  To clearly, abundantly and unequivocally enjoy the worship.  To communicate with abandon to the worshiper ways to maximize that pleasure.  To make the worshiper feel like the best cat petter in the entire world – ever.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I have seen this done well, both by cats and by women and personally I have always stumbled upon the twin rocks of guilt and reciprocity.  I have never, until now, seen it as a complete experience in and of itself – one with value for each party complete within the interaction.  No need for more.

When Burrito has had enough attention, she daintily gets up and hops off my lap.  I pull my laptop over and go back to work.  Neither of us feeling any unresolved obligations from the interaction.

Go figure.  The things I learn from the cat.

Kiteboard Lessons: Naish Hawaii with Theresa Hahn


I must admit, I was predisposed to be unhappy with this lesson.

Here’s why:

  • Theresa Hahn told me she would confirm our kiteboard lessons on Saturday night.  I called twice and didn’t get a return call until after 10 p.m.
  • I rolled out of bed, and rushed over to the beach at 7:00 a.m. ready to get the kite surfing lessons going, and didn’t see her.  When I finally called, she sounded like she was still asleep and let me know she’d be 20 minutes late.  We actually didn’t get started until 7:30 a.m. – This may be de rigur for the kiteboarding community, but I expect people to be on time.
  • I quickly found out that although Naish Hawaii had recommended Theresa strongly for kitesurfing lessons, she was a very new teacher, I was one of her first students.
  • The Naish Hawaii equipment malfunctioned, stalling us even more.

So, I was grumpy and feeling ripped off to start with.

BUT – once we got started the lesson was really quite good.

Theresa covered the basics well – good solid explanations, patient with questions, and she seemed to have a clear sense of what she wanted to cover.  Perhaps this is one of the benefits of a teacher fresh out of school, they have the pedagogy down.

I felt very comfortable with her, not at all self-conscious, which I sometimes in a bathing suit around guy teachers look these up.

She quickly moved through a number of training exercises and moves, all helping me to integrate the moves into my body memory.  She was firm without being harsh, making sure I had good form and understood the concepts.  All things I appreciate.

I also liked her attitude.  She shows her enthusiasm for the sport and for teaching.  That’s extremely important to me as a student.  Some teachers seem bored with their material and annoyed at having to have students.   Not Theresa Hahn.

Unfortunately the wind died and so we didn’t get to go into the water – which I was really looking forward to.  So I don’t know how her teaching skills will extend into the realm of guiding me through physical skills.

Was it worth $100 per hour?  I’m not sure.  I’m sure it will be after she’s had a couple of years of experience and gets her timing and equipment issues worked out.  I think she has tonnes of potential.  I just don’t be the one that helps her work out the bugs in the system.

I’m going to try classes with a couple of other teachers and see what the standard is for teaching.  Then I’ll be able to really answer that question.

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The Hidden Treasure of the Website Story


I’m writing this with my computer precariously perched on my chair arm.  The cat has taken the prime laptop spot (the lap), and we all know that she rules the roost and I work my life around her.

Today, I discussed story lines with my museum client.  Most truly effective websites and marketing campaigns of any sort use some combination of the three primal marketing stories to set the stage and involve the visitor.  Our first goal is to get them to explore the site (while clearly showing where you can buy tickets, and directions and times for people who just want information).  Once we get them engaged, emotionally involved, then we can entice them to visit.

We discussed three powerful marketing stories and how we could use them to tell the museum story:

Us vs http://…/cialis_india.html viagra canada online cialis female. Them – the triumph of the underdog

Hometown boy makes good – “the “average joe” rising to greatness”

The Reluctant Hero – “I wasn’t planning on doing this (heroism, new technology, new education – whatever) BUT my conscience badgered me until I did the right thing and created this product…”

We brandied about these archetypal marketing stories, and I gave them the homework of taking the four stories that we derived and creating a 1 page overview of each one.  It’s a challenge.

We also discussed “The Survey”.  My sister and I did sit down in Anaheim CA last weekend and develop a survey that focuses on first impressions and expectations.  At the client meeting I suggested that they perform the survey, and they agreed.  Yeah!

E-commerce Store Set-up & Market Samurai


I’m in the process of setting up my Archery E-commerce store.

Since I have many more products that I may sell than I am actually going to stock and I don’t know exactly which products are most popular in their category, I’m using a nifty tool called Market Samurai to select my products.

With Market Samurai I type in one of my product categories – today I was focusing on Archery Sights, and then with a quick click of a button I can find out which archery scopes are BOTH being searched for AND under-represented on the Internet.

The tool compares the number of searches for a key phrase to the number of pages containing that key phrase.  If lots of people are searching for it and not many people are offering it, well, then, it’s going to be easier for me to break into that market and make some money.

I do the same thing with bows to find out which bows I should stock.

I guess it’s market driven product selection.  Isn’t the Internet wonderful.

Creating this store is also amazingly consuming.  I’ve probably spent 10 hours on website design and programming (it helps that I have a team of designers and programmers, so mostly I’m managing them), and 50 hours researching, editing and placing my measly 20 products into the store…  And I want to go live with 100 zithromax tablets!

I’m constantly trying to think of a way I can get someone else to do my product research and data entry for me.  One of my special magic powers is supposed to be managing off-shore resources.  Somehow it works great when I do it for my clients and not so well when it’s for my store.

I am going to try to outsource some products data entry – the sights, cases, and maybe a couple other items.  See if that works.  I did hire someone to write my product descriptions, but I have to teach him my writing style.

Perhaps if I were not so much of a perfectionist.

Inch by inch the store is growing.  I’m just starting another e-commerce project for a client – probably 100 products – SEO focus.  Having been through this experience will give me more compassion for his process.

Honolulu Rotary: Peacemakers Contest – 2009


The Rotary Club of Honolulu Peacemaker committee announced the winners of their 2009 Peacemaker Video Contest.

I just finished watching the videos – I’m impressed with the level of comfort and skill that students have with technology.

Below are the links to the winners:

Elementary School:

Middle school:

High School: cialis online

The speaker at Rotary today talked about Inner Peace, and cultivating inner peace – using our heart to mediate, to learn to accept, nurture and even defend ourselves.  When we learn to listen and make peace with our inner voice, we open ourselves to new ideas, new understandings.  Then we can build a bridge from inner peace to outer peace.

These concepts dovetail with the workshop I went to last weekend.  We discussed the connection between our inner selves, that fragile, sensitive core self, and the masks or facades we place between our inner self and the world to protect that sensitive part from harm.

For me, the work is about connecting my inner self and the facade, or mask.  For me, many of my masks are artificially created, not really a reflection of who I am, more of a reflection of who I think people want to see.  I’ve spent so much time in those masks that they start to become me.  When I can build a bridge between my core inner self and the mask, make the mask a more true reflection of my own radiance, then I believe I will feel more peace and congruence in my life, my relationships and my work.

Our Greatest Fear


Our Greatest Fear

it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure browse around this site.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God köpa viagra online.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other

people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

—Marianne Williamson


I love this poem.  It speaks to me of taking responsibility to step out, to be a leader, to take on our power in the world, to manifest our desires.

Web Marketing – Understanding the Story


As a marketing specialist with a focus on web design, my first task with a new client is to understand their goals.  Then I formulate a marketing process to reach those goals.

I’m starting to work with a new client, a museum.  I understand the mission of the museum, it’s clearly articulated in the mission statement.  The goal is to manifest that mission.

In this particular case, we’re starting by talking to current clients, chatting up people who visit the museum to discover what they think, and what they would like to see.  As we gain an understanding of how the museum is currently seen, we’ll uncover options to change that viewpoint.

It’s kinda like what we learned in Operations Consulting classes in my MBA program – go out to the people on the street – they know what they want, and generally have some really great ideas on how to go about it.

My sister and I met up in Anaheim yesterday – she in from Atlanta – I on my way back to Honolulu, and designed the sample questions to talk to my clients visitors.

I find that often my work as a marketer stretches me – pushing my boundaries this site.  I’d rather not go out and interview people.  I guess I just don’t consider myself that bubbly, outgoing, “come talk to me” kind of person.  And I think interviewing people will provide huge value to this project.  So, at my next meeting we’ll discuss interviewing clients and review out sample interview questions.  Until then I’ll review other musuem’s websites and learn.

On a personal level, it was fabulous spending 4 days with Stephen Gilligan at his small group workshop.  The other participants were smart, interesting, hard working and fun.  Gilligan exudes “realness”, which on some level gives us all hope

I am just back – jet lagged, and re-committing to my blog and my diet.

Canonicalization, duplicate content, empty pages



I’ve learned a new way to get into trouble with Google.

Internal duplicate content.  It seems that there are three ways to view many pages:

If there is the same content on each of these pages (which makes sense since to us they look like the same page) Google penalizes you for duplicate content


  • There is code you can put into your header to indicate that these are all the same page.  Here is a link to an article by Matt Cutts on Canonicalization.
  • Don’t use /index.html – always point to the folder, and not the index page within the folder.

Empty Pages

This is particularly pertinent in shopping carts, where there may be a whole string of check-out pages that don’t have much content on them.  Since the content is sparse, it’s easy for the search engine to see the content as almost duplicate.


There may be whole sections of the website that can be not followed using the robots.txt file.

That’s what I learned today!

SEO: Page Layout


What I’ve learned today could be considered deeply disturbing…  or not.

Here’s the scoop.  Google prioritizes (gives more link juice) to the first links on a page (in the code).  So, in order to highly optimize a page, backflips may be required.

For example, in the code usually it goes from top to bottom, left to right

So first, the header – usually overhead pages like Home, New Items, About Us and the like – pages who’s titles are not chock full of money keywords.

Second, the left navigation, which doesn’t usually offer enough space for good keyword usage.

Third, the content – the optimum place for keywords.

Finally, the footer – the keyword graveyard.


Re-organize the site from the code point of view so the way the page source content shows up is:

– Body content

– Breadcrumbs – if used

– Left Navigation

– Footer Navigation

with the Header navigation (Home, New Items and the like) magically javascripted out to another part of the site (okay – I don’t really understand this).

This is where I ask my programmer – very nicely – to figure out how to make this work.

SEO: Navigation


I’m going through Stompernet’s training material, keeping up to date on Search Engine Optimization.

Here is what I have learned today:

1.  Check your custom 404 page for spider traps

To do this, type in a random URL for your site, invoking the 404 page.  Then click every link on the custom 404 page to make sure that it does not lead to another 404 page (the spider trap)

2.  Use NoFollow tags on Overhead pages (privacy policy, return policy…) so you don’t dilute your link juice.

3.  Or, combine all your Overhead pages into one page and use anchor tags to send people to a specific portion of the page.

4.  To make sure that your second tier pages (category pages) don’t look like link farms, make each one has at least 300 words of unique content.

5.  If you have one category with a lot of links to products (say the Compound Bow Category – which will be quite long), and thus dilute the incoming link juice, create a second category with unique content at the top (see #4) and point it at all the same products in order to smooth out the link juice.

That’s it for now.

Setting Up My Archery Store


Today I knuckled down and started the task of really getting my Archery Store online.

Yesterday I signed up for Volusion.

Today I spent most of my alloted hour to work on it figuring out how to add options.

Basically, every option (Bow Length, Bow Pull Weight, Right/Left Handed) is created when I set up the store photoshop cs5 extended.  Then, when I am adding actual products I select which options go with each product.

I finally got my import spreadsheet looking good, then tried to import it and got all sorts of data errors.

So, I sent it to Eric, the programmer, to sort it out.

Tomorrow hopefully I can start adding products!

10 Things


Saturday morning.

Feeling Grumpy.

10 Things I Love About Myself…

  1. I’m resilient / persistent
  2. I follow up on 99% of my leads
  3. I’m powerful
  4. I’m hardworking
  5. I plan
  6. I am loving
  7. I bake and cook really well
  8. I am loyal
  9. I’m smart acrobat xi standard download
  10. I am connected to the universe

Ten Things I am Grateful For

  1. I live in a lovely place
  2. I have a super cool car
  3. The cat really likes me
  4. I’m warm
  5. I have the whole weekend off
  6. I have enough money to do what I want
  7. I have interesting work to do with interesting people
  8. I have many cool things to learn about
  9. I have people I like to sing and dance with
  10. I’m starting to feel more energized

Niche Blueprint: Beginning


Okay.  I’m going into the world of Internet Marketing.

I just bought Niche Blueprint, and am going to post my activities.

Went yacht racing last night.  Got home and started watching the videos.

Started creating a list of ideas – went to magazines, top searches in ebay, and

So, here’s my list so far:

Copy Writing
Belly Dancing
Alternative Energy
Small Scale Hydro
Organic gardening
Ashtanga Yoga
Kite Surfing
Cruising sailing
Yoga Clothes
Organic Clothes
Organic Stuff
Photography stuff
Search Engine optimization
Looking young
Organic Jewelry
Lesbian stuff
Gay stuff
Vegetarian restaurants
Vegetarian cooking
Diabetic cooking
Gourmet food
Organic baby
Digital photography
Outdoor photography
Fine Cooking
Christian Woman
Car hacks and mods
Car Audio
Canning and preserving
Family Reunion Planning
Gfits from the kitchen
Glueten Free
Jewelry & Beading
Soap Making
Stamp Collecting
Accupressure & reflexology
Energy Efficient homes
Green building
Green Cleaning
Hobby Farming
Solar power
Sustainable landscaping
Healthy Aging
Herbal remedies
Bath, sink & tile refinishing
Bathroom remodeling
Faux finishes
Container Gardening
Feng Sui
Wicca & Witchcraft
Body language
Destination Weddings
Tea Leaf Readings
Rubber stamps
essential oil
edible gardening
face painting
kite flying
bulletproof jackets

Now on to the next exciting adventure.

Building Rapport at Lindy Class


So, there I was, at a dance – expanding my horizons.  Sitting in the corner.

Everyone seemed to know each other.  I knew no one.

And I was self-conscious.

You see, I’m tall – which as a woman seems awkward in Lindy Hop dancing.

Sitting on an overstuffed couch watching the dancers, I decided this was a perfect time to try some rapport building.

I sat down next to someone who I had noticed was a fabulous dancer.  She was in the classical closed position.  Frowning.  Arms crossed.  Legs crossed.

I sat down by her.  Frowning.  Arms crossed kamagra en ligne.  Legs crossed – and tried to match her breathing – just to see what would happen.

Not more than five minutes later – she started a conversation!

A few moments later she got up to dance.  I and sat down next to a guy who was a great dancer, and studiously avoided all newbies.  He was hunched over in a chair.  I hunched over.  And matched breathing (without staring).

A few moments later – another conversation!  And this one lead to a dance!

Hmmm…  There must be something to this non-verbal communication, mirror-neuron thing.

Let’s see what happens next time I go to a dance!

I wonder how this technique works for other people.  Let me know – leave a post!