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E-commerce Store Set-up & Market Samurai


I’m in the process of setting up my Archery E-commerce store.

Since I have many more products that I may sell than I am actually going to stock and I don’t know exactly which products are most popular in their category, I’m using a nifty tool called Market Samurai to select my products.

With Market Samurai I type in one of my product categories – today I was focusing on Archery Sights, and then with a quick click of a button I can find out which archery scopes are BOTH being searched for AND under-represented on the Internet.

The tool compares the number of searches for a key phrase to the number of pages containing that key phrase.  If lots of people are searching for it and not many people are offering it, well, then, it’s going to be easier for me to break into that market and make some money.

I do the same thing with bows to find out which bows I should stock.

I guess it’s market driven product selection.  Isn’t the Internet wonderful.

Creating this store is also amazingly consuming.  I’ve probably spent 10 hours on website design and programming (it helps that I have a team of designers and programmers, so mostly I’m managing them), and 50 hours researching, editing and placing my measly 20 products into the store…  And I want to go live with 100 zithromax tablets!

I’m constantly trying to think of a way I can get someone else to do my product research and data entry for me.  One of my special magic powers is supposed to be managing off-shore resources.  Somehow it works great when I do it for my clients and not so well when it’s for my store.

I am going to try to outsource some products data entry – the sights, cases, and maybe a couple other items.  See if that works.  I did hire someone to write my product descriptions, but I have to teach him my writing style.

Perhaps if I were not so much of a perfectionist.

Inch by inch the store is growing.  I’m just starting another e-commerce project for a client – probably 100 products – SEO focus.  Having been through this experience will give me more compassion for his process.

Setting Up My Archery Store


Today I knuckled down and started the task of really getting my Archery Store online.

Yesterday I signed up for Volusion.

Today I spent most of my alloted hour to work on it figuring out how to add options.

Basically, every option (Bow Length, Bow Pull Weight, Right/Left Handed) is created when I set up the store photoshop cs5 extended.  Then, when I am adding actual products I select which options go with each product.

I finally got my import spreadsheet looking good, then tried to import it and got all sorts of data errors.

So, I sent it to Eric, the programmer, to sort it out.

Tomorrow hopefully I can start adding products!