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Web Marketing – Understanding the Story


As a marketing specialist with a focus on web design, my first task with a new client is to understand their goals.  Then I formulate a marketing process to reach those goals.

I’m starting to work with a new client, a museum.  I understand the mission of the museum, it’s clearly articulated in the mission statement.  The goal is to manifest that mission.

In this particular case, we’re starting by talking to current clients, chatting up people who visit the museum to discover what they think, and what they would like to see.  As we gain an understanding of how the museum is currently seen, we’ll uncover options to change that viewpoint.

It’s kinda like what we learned in Operations Consulting classes in my MBA program – go out to the people on the street – they know what they want, and generally have some really great ideas on how to go about it.

My sister and I met up in Anaheim yesterday – she in from Atlanta – I on my way back to Honolulu, and designed the sample questions to talk to my clients visitors.

I find that often my work as a marketer stretches me – pushing my boundaries this site.  I’d rather not go out and interview people.  I guess I just don’t consider myself that bubbly, outgoing, “come talk to me” kind of person.  And I think interviewing people will provide huge value to this project.  So, at my next meeting we’ll discuss interviewing clients and review out sample interview questions.  Until then I’ll review other musuem’s websites and learn.

On a personal level, it was fabulous spending 4 days with Stephen Gilligan at his small group workshop.  The other participants were smart, interesting, hard working and fun.  Gilligan exudes “realness”, which on some level gives us all hope

I am just back – jet lagged, and re-committing to my blog and my diet.