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Honolulu Rotary: Peacemakers Contest – 2009


The Rotary Club of Honolulu Peacemaker committee announced the winners of their 2009 Peacemaker Video Contest.

I just finished watching the videos – I’m impressed with the level of comfort and skill that students have with technology.

Below are the links to the winners:

Elementary School:

Middle school:

High School: cialis online

The speaker at Rotary today talked about Inner Peace, and cultivating inner peace – using our heart to mediate, to learn to accept, nurture and even defend ourselves.  When we learn to listen and make peace with our inner voice, we open ourselves to new ideas, new understandings.  Then we can build a bridge from inner peace to outer peace.

These concepts dovetail with the workshop I went to last weekend.  We discussed the connection between our inner selves, that fragile, sensitive core self, and the masks or facades we place between our inner self and the world to protect that sensitive part from harm.

For me, the work is about connecting my inner self and the facade, or mask.  For me, many of my masks are artificially created, not really a reflection of who I am, more of a reflection of who I think people want to see.  I’ve spent so much time in those masks that they start to become me.  When I can build a bridge between my core inner self and the mask, make the mask a more true reflection of my own radiance, then I believe I will feel more peace and congruence in my life, my relationships and my work.