The Muse Papers


What’s Working – Mar 1



  1. I took and processed an order.  I did all the paperwork and submitted an order today.
  2. I answered all my emails about products.
  3. I edited the letter to the vendor and sent it back to the writer.
  4. I worked through some of the credit card processing pieces.
  5. I organized work for the next few weeks and sent out meeting notes.


  1. I cleaned my room and shook out the rug.
  2. I washed my sheets.
  3. I watered all my plants.
  4. I hung up my vision board.
  5. I put away all the dishes.


  1. I listened to my body when I didn’t want to work out this morning.
  2. I slept well and drank water when I woke up.
  3. I decided to skip the cafe last night he said.
  4. I went on a nice walk this morning and practiced walking with joy.
  5. I allowed myself to take time yesterday to focus on non-work items.


  1. I cooked a great dinner that my housemates enjoyed.
  2. I coordinated Chris and Denny for a project.
  3. I made sure Mary got credit for us taking the class today.
  4. I learned people’s names at class yesterday.
  5. I set up a time to work with S.

Goals – What I am looking forward to.

  1. Finishing this letter and getting it sent out.
  2. Doing monthly accounting – breaking the records!
  3. Driving to Sepastopol
  4. Finishing my categories.
  5. Sleeping in my snuvvy bed.

What’s Working – Feb 28


Today I start a new habit – the habit of starting my day with what’s working in my life.


  1. I’ve called back all the leads from the weekend and at least left voice mails.
  2. All my tracking documents are up to date
  3. I decided to delegate re-writing a letter to a vendor to my copywriter – looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.
  4. I have an appointment to talk to amazon about marketing with them.
  5. I got three calls this weekend.


  1. I’ve started laundry and my space is generally pretty clean.
  2. I have everything I need to cook dinner tonite.
  3. The sun is shining and I’m enjoying it.
  4. I bought a new plant and it is looking good in it’s spot.
  5. It’s warmer and so I am not running the heater.


  1. I’m taking stressful tasks (like writing the letter) and finding others to do them who will find them less stressful.
  2. I’m doing laundry.
  3. I requested a place to eat last night – and got it generic levitra canada.
  4. I’m drinking lots of water.
  5. I elected to sleep in a bit this morning because I was feeling a bit tired.


  1. I successfully cajoled W. out of a bad mood at dinner yesterday.
  2. I allowed myself to feel good about being more demonstrative than others.
  3. I connected with other people in my class at lunch yesterday.
  4. I asked for help when I was lost doing the exercise.
  5. I trusted others and walked away from work that I wasn’t qualified to do.

Goals – What I am looking forward to.

  1. Eating awesome Indian food tonite.
  2. Dancing.
  3. Completing the Category pages for the site.
  4. Posting my Anniversary Collection videos
  5. Making my bed with clean sheets and having good sleep in my bed.

What’s Working – Feb. 24, 2010


Today I start a new habit – the habit of starting my day with what’s working in my life.


  1. Our SEO vendor is checking our SEO to see how we can rank higher for our primary keywords – I asked him to help and he’s doing it.
  2. I’m getting about one call a day on our products – my SEO efforts are working.
  3. Looks like we’ve hit our baseline sales numbers this month – I’ve sold products.
  4. My newsletter client seems happy with my work.
  5. I’m getting projects done on the site – products are being updated and text is being added.


  1. We have candied ginger and I’m loving it.
  2. My room is warm and reasonably neat and I cleaned it.
  3. My bed is amazingly comfortable, warm and snuvvy and I bought it.
  4. My trees both look happy and my plants are green.  Everyone is putting out new leaves.
  5. I have heat and my room is getting warmer every moment.


  1. I’m noticing a new sort of calmness within – a quietness that seems new.
  2. I’m working out and dancing every day, and focusing on the muscles that feel good viagra uk online.
  3. I’m enjoying my collages – especially the one of Nekker Island.
  4. I’m noticing how I can think more positively.
  5. I’m listening to myself and giving myself space and care.


  1. My household is quiet and stable and everyone seems to be getting along.
  2. I went and saw a movie with Paul last weekend.
  3. I’m planning a game night for Sunday where I’ll get to see new friends.
  4. I am enjoying my boyfriend enjoying my touch.
  5. I am speaking my truth more and it is bringing us closer.

Goals – What I am looking forward to.

  1. Having my legal document written and ready to send to the lawyer.
  2. Improv practice.
  3. Taking a long hot shower.
  4. Doing my accounting tomorrow.
  5. Dancing.

Honolulu Rotary: Peacemakers Contest – 2009


The Rotary Club of Honolulu Peacemaker committee announced the winners of their 2009 Peacemaker Video Contest.

I just finished watching the videos – I’m impressed with the level of comfort and skill that students have with technology.

Below are the links to the winners:

Elementary School:

Middle school:

High School: cialis online

The speaker at Rotary today talked about Inner Peace, and cultivating inner peace – using our heart to mediate, to learn to accept, nurture and even defend ourselves.  When we learn to listen and make peace with our inner voice, we open ourselves to new ideas, new understandings.  Then we can build a bridge from inner peace to outer peace.

These concepts dovetail with the workshop I went to last weekend.  We discussed the connection between our inner selves, that fragile, sensitive core self, and the masks or facades we place between our inner self and the world to protect that sensitive part from harm.

For me, the work is about connecting my inner self and the facade, or mask.  For me, many of my masks are artificially created, not really a reflection of who I am, more of a reflection of who I think people want to see.  I’ve spent so much time in those masks that they start to become me.  When I can build a bridge between my core inner self and the mask, make the mask a more true reflection of my own radiance, then I believe I will feel more peace and congruence in my life, my relationships and my work.

Canonicalization, duplicate content, empty pages



I’ve learned a new way to get into trouble with Google.

Internal duplicate content.  It seems that there are three ways to view many pages:

If there is the same content on each of these pages (which makes sense since to us they look like the same page) Google penalizes you for duplicate content


  • There is code you can put into your header to indicate that these are all the same page.  Here is a link to an article by Matt Cutts on Canonicalization.
  • Don’t use /index.html – always point to the folder, and not the index page within the folder.

Empty Pages

This is particularly pertinent in shopping carts, where there may be a whole string of check-out pages that don’t have much content on them.  Since the content is sparse, it’s easy for the search engine to see the content as almost duplicate.


There may be whole sections of the website that can be not followed using the robots.txt file.

That’s what I learned today!

SEO: Page Layout


What I’ve learned today could be considered deeply disturbing…  or not.

Here’s the scoop.  Google prioritizes (gives more link juice) to the first links on a page (in the code).  So, in order to highly optimize a page, backflips may be required.

For example, in the code usually it goes from top to bottom, left to right

So first, the header – usually overhead pages like Home, New Items, About Us and the like – pages who’s titles are not chock full of money keywords.

Second, the left navigation, which doesn’t usually offer enough space for good keyword usage.

Third, the content – the optimum place for keywords.

Finally, the footer – the keyword graveyard.


Re-organize the site from the code point of view so the way the page source content shows up is:

– Body content

– Breadcrumbs – if used

– Left Navigation

– Footer Navigation

with the Header navigation (Home, New Items and the like) magically javascripted out to another part of the site (okay – I don’t really understand this).

This is where I ask my programmer – very nicely – to figure out how to make this work.

10 Things


Saturday morning.

Feeling Grumpy.

10 Things I Love About Myself…

  1. I’m resilient / persistent
  2. I follow up on 99% of my leads
  3. I’m powerful
  4. I’m hardworking
  5. I plan
  6. I am loving
  7. I bake and cook really well
  8. I am loyal
  9. I’m smart acrobat xi standard download
  10. I am connected to the universe

Ten Things I am Grateful For

  1. I live in a lovely place
  2. I have a super cool car
  3. The cat really likes me
  4. I’m warm
  5. I have the whole weekend off
  6. I have enough money to do what I want
  7. I have interesting work to do with interesting people
  8. I have many cool things to learn about
  9. I have people I like to sing and dance with
  10. I’m starting to feel more energized