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What If You Could Be 17 Again?


Just finished watching a “going back in time and doing it all over again” movie – 17 Again.

Afterward, Nessa, Mark and I chatted about whether we think we could enjoy going back to high school if we bring everything we’ve learned since then.  We all agreed that even with our experience, we would still loathe it.

It got me thinking – what have I learned since high school?  What skills could I bring back to make it better?  I came up with the following:

  • I’ve learn to dance as if no one is watching me
  • I’ve learned to do things, like go surfing – stepping out into the world download adobe cc master collection 2015
  • I’ve learned how to study, and write better than I did then

But being in high school, and even college, is all about relationships – friendships, love, romance, laughter and fun.

In those areas I’m not sure I’ve made much progress since I was in high school.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that while my NLP skills would make me fit in better, on the inside, I’d be depressingly similar – solitary, guarded, distant.  At least now I’m a lot happier about it.

I came home this evening to find out that a really nice guy, one who I was casually interested in had died unexpectedly.

Made me think that it’s never too early, or too late to learn those skills, to become more connected, have more fun, be more outgoing – so that if I did drop 20 years, I’d have a blast.

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“What If You Could Be 17 Again?”

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